I Miss Me

I miss me
what I did with these words
how I moved them so swiftly
I miss me

I use to twirl them around
have them float off the ground
they would soar, they would fly
they would rise to the sky

They would dance to melodies so magic it made me…

It made me what?

I miss me

the locutions so lavish and lovely
competing with the clouds above me
forcing them to separate and show me heaven
so the sunshine would inspire them to dance again
they would dance, they would prance,
they would smile to no end
they would meet, they would greet,
they would all become friends
They would all be one nation
my children, my creation
they would form for me a masterpiece
fluently flowing not planning to cease
I and my eyes would swell with so much pride
at the beauty that I had pulled out from inside
but no more
I cannot write scriptures that I can adore
They do not dance as they once did before
they sit and they stare as if stuck to the floor
I went somewhere
I left them there
I feel guilty
My words and I miss me

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