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Chronicles of Chaos and Consonance (I call it ChronOCAC for short) Is the first book I’ve ever written and published. It is made up of Four miscellaneous poems and Five poetic short stories. Depending on who you’re speaking with you could also consider them as epics. Details aside, there’s not another book like it (at least to my knowledge). It’s a blend of different styles of poetry, spoken word and storytelling. It might not be an easy read for some and it is definitely not a one-time read (unless it’s not your cup of tea). I’m a very big fan of allegory, metaphors, and abstraction so this work is filled with concepts that can be easily missed if you’re not paying close enough attention. I tried to keep the deep thinker in mind as I was writing so If I’m as skilled as I believe I am then this is absolutely the type of book someone could spend hours on trying to decipher the meaning of certain themes and concepts I’ve included.

So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to stimulate your mind ChronoCAC is worth reading.

Now available in Ebook format for Barnes&Nobles Nook book and Kindle!