II. Forever Young

Ten years
is a long time
Relatively short
compared to an immortal life span
I took into account
the fact that humankind
has designed just about everything
with consideration to shorter lived lives
Neglecting the possibility
that a somewhat clairvoyant being
might need to adjust
There’s nothing to complain about though
I was enjoying life enough

I was destined to see her again
A whole day’s date
Although I was unsure what to expect
I knew
it would be something
like I had never experienced before

I went to a peculiar place
A grassy space in a park
on the date specified
and waited
I had already done so
for about a decade already
A few more moments wouldn’t kill me
If I’m not mistaken
not much can actually
As I waited for her to meet me
a part of me realized
she might have already been there
I spent some time to search
and she was
She had planned a picnic in the park
which was curious
One of my most cherished childhood memories
of youthful revelry and bliss
was very much like this
but at the moment
it seemed like she would give me
a new memory for me to reminisce

She was breathtakingly beautiful
Her eyes and smile were youthful
yet I sensed a wisdom deep within them
There was not a single sign
or trace of sickness about her
If I had not seen her old age and demise
with my own eyes
I would swear that she would be
forever young

We settled down and started to talk
I must admit I was feeling shy
but her demeanor was inviting
Strangely familiar
She said she realized
she needs to be
more open with me
to build a stronger bond
with cathartic release

She opened up to me
mentally and emotionally
Something I figure comes easy for all women
once they’re with someone they favor

She confessed of the sadness
she felt in her life
The feeling of always wanting to be
or even just acknowledged at times
The moments that she simply felt numb
unable to connect with anyone
The feeling of defeat
and despondency
When she decided that there no was no longer a reason
no point in carrying on
she said
she had intended to lift the burden off the shoulders
of everyone she weighed down with her presence

A few teardrops
descended to her cheek
as she lay herself bare
all of her sensitivities to me
Her tune soon changed
as she began to explain
that all this has helped her understand why
there’s a difference between living
and being alive
As she spoke about overcoming
self depreciation
her face and her eyes began to light up
and I
was just enamored by her resilience

That day
I fell in love with her soul
and though I doubt it’s possible
She’s the one I want to grow old with
I know
there’s much more to this relationship
than either one of us has been shown
I’d love to see more
I’d love to see all of it

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. Journey Towards Eternity