III. Journey Towards Eternity

We finally had a chance
to really spend some time together
A whole week of museums and zoos
Plays, art shows and musicals
Learning the difference between
kayaks and canoes
during our adventures by the river

So much fun
exhilaration and excitement
but still I could feel
that something was not quite right
Sometimes I would catch her
staring off into space
Lost in a time and place yet to be
At times it seemed like nostalgia
Other times it seemed like some unsettling memory
which kind of concerned me
When I would ask
I could see her mind
running from the thought

Though there were many
secrets she had expelled
there was more she had yet to tell me
So I waited for a quiet moment
towards the end of our last day
of fun and debauchery
I didn’t relent until she told me
My aim was to be verbally assertive
in hindsight
my tone may have been more aggressive
than necessary

It was a short story
Somber and solemn
A mimicry of events
stored within my own memory
Seeing some stranger wither away
before my very eyes
when I had yet to realize
I was fated to fall in love
with her

That’s when it clicked for me
She had seen how I die
and at some point she learned
she would suffer the same fate
while giving me a second chance
Now knowing that my path
would turn out the same way
I felt a strange pain
But her moment is much closer
than mine
And drawing ever near
And she knows it
And she braves it
And she loves me
I know how she feels
because the same sentiment
now dwells within my chest
Deeply within my breast
Stirring my now breaking heart
I see the tears streaming down her face
no doubt spawned
from anxiety
morbid memory
and my insensitivity to it
Before I realize what I’m doing
I lean in to kiss her
Long and deep
Hoping that it can compete
with the others she’s received
from me

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. Ageless