IV. Ageless


Our time to truly be had come
I now understand
all that has happened
What is to be
and I presume
so does she

We open our eyes with the sunrise
and we love for as long
as the sun roams the sky
When it sleeps
torches and lit wicks
help keep us stay awake a little longer

It’s hard to imagine
at one point I expected nothing but death
yet something like that
is never easy to accept
I had not a care left
I didn’t need love
I didn’t need life
and I didn’t need anyone
to convince me that I was mistaken
Or so I thought
because now I see
that was exactly what I needed

I know at some point
our time together
will come to an end
as all good things do
and I will have to face a fate
similar to the one that I had previously escaped
but with a new faith

She gives me life
in many more ways than one
Igniting a passion in me
that I’ve never felt
even on my most courageous of days

I went from my days being numbered
to having all the time in the world
yet every moment without her
is empty
lacking luster

She knows me
It’s reflected in the melody
of her voice
when she sings for me
when she calls for me
when she bears her all for me
None could be as sweet
as my precious Gaea

She knows me
solely eo nomine
Given to me by a dream
where I had envisioned
a timeless love
that would cause me to crave
every waking moment
every chance I have to experience and live
A name that rings true
Sincerely speaking
I do

In a book
inscribed with delineations
of dates and times
she’s given me everything I would need
to take the world for my own
but my only wish
is to give her my heart

I would willingly die a thousand deaths
if each one were the end
of such a lifetime as this

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. …And Ever