V. …And Ever

We had such a wonderful time together
I knew it was starting to come to a close
but I didn’t realize it would be this hard
So hard
to tell her she would die
I didn’t realize
how hard it would be
for me
to face reality

When we were together
in sweet embrace
our fingers interlaced
we talked about our final moments
The fates we had to face
of the elixir
of the ring
It was easy to take
to ruminate
to speculate
because we were together
but this is not her
Our moment
as wonderful as it had been
is now behind me
and now
I must be the one to guide her
as well as she has been a guide to me

An era of anticipation and longing
followed a bittersweet goodbye
I knew what I had to do mentally
but was emotionally unprepared
It’s a feeling
too strange to call pain
That I miss her
although she sits in front of me
or maybe I long for
who she is yet to be
these women one in the same

When I first met her
For a time
all I had to remember her by
was this ring she left behind
Indelibly present
like the memories in my mind
Not lacking luster
or without shine
or intrigue

She once tried to explain to me
as best as she could
though she also admitted
she never fully understood
what it was
that I had tried to explain to her

Our relationship
was a bewildering concept before
This thought only perplexed me furthermore
That it was I who had the answer
which I now seek

My mission has grown to include
being able to fathom
the unfathomable
Demystify the enigma
of what could possibly be
the most complex concept imaginable
Though I don’t know
how I’ll be able to manage
It’s fine
I have plenty of time
In a way
I already know what lies ahead
With this ring
I do thee wed

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. Young at Heart