VI. Young at Heart

Although it seemed like a lifetime
and forever ago
it was still a bit of a challenge
to open up to her in the way that I did
I didn’t divulge details
but specifics aren’t necessary
how it made me feel is
As unexpectedly difficult as it was
I needed to leave these things behind
in order to move forward

The next time I meet her
won’t be the last
I will have to make sure
that I am prepared for my final moments
once that encounter comes to an end

In a world that’s constantly changing
forever is captured in a moment
For us
forever never lasted long enough

Now with these bouts of loneliness
spanning for decades
I find solace in study and research
Legends, fairy tales and superstitions
My never ending quest
to discover the secrets of this medium
which allows us to reach each other
Any lead I could find
was barely enough
I couldn’t give up
mostly because I cared for nothing else
I had no distractions to procrastinate with
I simply lacked the enthusiasm

My efforts were never without progress
no matter how long and arduous the process
As it turns out
there exists a world beyond our own
Et Satorizen

Et Cetera
And so forth

Enlightenment and a state of consciousness

Intuition through meditation

Words and their concepts
combined to create a single term

Through the faults of lazy minds
and apathetic tongues
the name is commonly mispronounced as Saturn
so information often gets lost in translation
regardless, I still managed to find quite a bit

in this other world
there are gems reserved
for the highly esteemed and insanely wealthy
Stones quarried from mystic mines
with the capacity to store precious memories
that can be relived
as if it were a dream
The same stones embedded in this ring
that allows my love to see me

I must admit
the romantic factor of proposing
with the memories of magical times
is truly compelling

As with anything
Every answer I get
simply begets more questions
To consider my existence
as nothing more than a spectre of slumber
I am not a dream
that visits her as she sleeps
and fades away as she awakens
There is more to be found
and I certainly have the time to seek
yet I can’t help but feel like a madman
fumbling around in the dark
searching for stars beyond my reach
A certain darkness is required
to see stars such as us

We will forever be
bright and shining glimmers

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. End of Forever