VI. Time Will Tell

Although it seemed like a lifetime
and forever ago
it was still a bit of a challenge
to open up to him in the way that I did
I didn’t divulge details
but specifics aren’t necessary
how it made me feel is
As unexpectedly difficult as it was
I needed to leave these things behind
in order to move forward

Moving forward
is sometimes easier said than done
I know I’m not the only one
who feels this way
After my cathartic release
I felt more free emotionally
I still found it hard to concentrate
My mind was preoccupied
thinking about the horse
in its shallow grave
A morbid reminder of the destiny
that we all march towards

I was so consumed by the thought
that I was brought again
to the lush and verdant world
where I found the grapes
It wasn’t raining like before
but the scent of petrichor hung in the air
I had only a few moments
to look around
before the horse found me
I realized that I was mistaken
as I marveled at its horn
This beautiful creature was actually a unicorn
It beckoned me to sit atop its shoulders
to which I happily obliged
It was surprisingly comfortable
considering I never learned how to ride
a normal horse

We maintained a steady gallop
through valleys and over hills
We came across a couple mountains
along the way
Forging our own path
amid enormous boulders
made of gems in the rough
embedded and mixed with rock
I watched in awe as I saw
spectres of people and places
long gone
dancing across the surface of these stones
The unicorn reacted
to my distracted actions
Lost its footing along the path
We took a tumble
and I got up again
I was alarmed at the massive gash
running along the unicorns hind leg
Still it moved as spryly as ever
gesturing for me to mount once more
We took off at a gallop
and after some time
we arrived at the spring
that I had seen before
We stopped and I dismounted
The unicorn promptly leapt into the spring
started splashing and prancing about
When it emerged
the massive gash was gone
Not a trace of laceration could be found
I was astounded
I figured this strange oasis for
some sort of healing spring
Poor thing
It must have died
trying to heal some
deep and deadly would
Too hurt to make another step
Dying just a breath away
I nuzzle its neck as it begins to fade
and I return to another day

I don’t know what
or where this place is exactly
but these trips
seem to put my mind at ease
and I’m ready to see my love again
I’ve had the time of my life
even though I’m counting down my final days
I wouldn’t have it any other way

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. For the Last Time